About The Current

Do we call this site “The Current” because we tackle current issues? Absolutely! But even more than that, we think of it as an electrical current (you’ll find we’re big fans of electricity, here!). Energizing, engaging, electrifying content that you can plug into, be a part of, and be recharged by!

About the Creator

My name is Victor. I’m an author, adventurer, and (more importantly), a husband to my amazing wife. But even more importantly than that, I’m a servant of Jesus Christ. For years, I developed stories and other creations that I hoped people would see and be inspired by, never really taking a full leap into the media world. But when the pandemic hit, and I saw the world delve even deeper into hopelessness, division, and even deception and hatred…I couldn’t just keep doing things halfway.

I decided to use my passion for storytelling and voice acting to create Voltage: The Audio Drama, to show people hope through a story that symbolizes the life of a Christian…both through triumph and failure.

As a pastor’s kid, I also have used my experience in serving the Church to talk about its impact—both positive and negative—while still advocating that it is the most prominent and powerful force on earth when we come together in heart and the Holy Spirit. I truly believe that the Church can be as powerful as a lightning bolt, and as cool as a leather jacket, so I made Lightning Bolts and Leather Jackets to illustrate how and why.

While I believe I have some talent, my willingness is what truly matters, so I hope that even just by putting these things out there (and hopefully grow inwardly in the process), my willingness to follow God’s instruction to be a light and use my talents for His purposes will be effective. But if not, I was still willing and obeyed, and it’s all for His glory and kingdom.

To God be the glory. To me be the growth.

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